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Other Services

Copper Mountain Consolidated Metropolitan District

Fire & Emergency Services

Under the original Service Plan, the Metro District was responsible for fire prevention and owned and operated the Copper Mountain Fire Department. In 2018 the Copper Mountain Fire Department merged with Lake Dillon Fire District which operates under the title of Summit Fire and Emergency Services (SFE) and provides those services to all of Summit County with the exception of the Town of Breckenridge which is served by the Red, White, and Blue Fire District. Subsequent to the merger, the Metro District has maintained a close operational relationship with SFE. In fact, the District owns and maintains the fire station that SFE operates out of and our administrative offices are still located in that building. To learn more about emergency services at Copper Mountain, please visit the SFE website at

Community Projects & Responsibilities

Although the Metro District no longer owns any parks and recreation space, we continue to provide funding for routine landscaping and maintenance and for larger-scale community projects. Outside of Resort operations, parks and recreation space and opportunities have historically been limited at Copper Mountain, but the Copper Mountain Resort Association and the Metro District are working to improve the space we have and create lasting and positive change for the community. Currently, the Resort Association is in the design phase of a park improvements project that will transform Copper Park and the banks of West Ten Mile Creek to the south of the Copper Mountain Chapel property. The Metro District is proud to support this effort and we greatly appreciate the Resort Association’s hard work and commitment to the community. Please visit the Resort website for… I need to check with the RA to see if and when they’re going to post project info on their website.

Road Maintenance

Road maintenance can be a somewhat confusing and often challenging issue at Copper Mountain. There is an amalgam of public and private roads to maintain, and that responsibility is shared between a number of different entities. Street Improvement was part of the original Metro District Service Plan and one of the functions of the Metro District is to work with our local Copper Mountain partners to support Summit County in its responsibility to maintain the publicly dedicated County Roads. The Metro District meets with our local partners and Summit County regularly to represent the Copper Mountain community and advocate for regular and ongoing road maintenance and repair.