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Copper Mountain Consolidated Metropolitan District
Welcome to the Copper Mountain Consolidated Metropolitan District payment page. Here you can follow the instructions below to set up an account with our new Water and Sewer billing and payment partner AmCoBi or you can make payments directly to CMCMD for outstanding or delinquent Cable TV and Internet accounts.

Pay Water & Sewer Billing through AmCoBi

OPTION 1) AquaHawk is AmCoBi’s online portal that gives customers the ability to not only pay their Water and Sewer bill, but also to monitor and control their water usage in real time, establish usage thresholds, and forecast their quarterly bill. If you are interested in actively managing your water consumption click the button below and get started (

Payments & Water Management

NOTE: If paying with a debit or credit card, there is a 2.95% processing fee. There is no fee to mail a check or use the E-check method of payment.

OPTION 2) If you are only interested in setting up an account to pay your Water and Sewer bill, please go to the AmCoBi website at and follow the Pay Online instructions.

Pay Past Due TV and Internet Accounts

If you are a previous Cable TV and Internet customer of the Copper Mountain Consolidated Metropolitan District and you have a past due account, you can go to to pay the outstanding balance. You may also contact the District directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make other payment arrangements.

AmCoBi / AquaHawk Client Care Team

Our Client Care Team will answer questions or assist with any issues that you may encounter.

We are available Monday – Friday, from 8:00am – 5:00pm.

  • Toll-free: (877) 410-0167
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Aqua Hawk Payment System Information

Subscribe to Receive Leak Alerts and Access your Water Usage Information Online - It's FREE

  • View your water consumption
  • Receive timely leak alerts
  • Control your water expenses
  • Easy-to-use

AquaHawk Alerting is a FREE service for the CMCMD customers that will assist them in efficiently managing their water usage and lowering their monthly bills.

Register today. It’s easy!  It’s Free! After you register, you’ll be able to:

Receive timely leak alerts

You specify how you want to be contacted: e-mail, text or telephone. When your usage indicates high usage or a leak, we’ll contact you. AquaHawk helps prevent costly property damage from unrepaired leaks and gives you peace of mind when you’re away from your home.

Monitor your water usage

See how much water you’re using and an estimate of your bill anytime during the billing cycle.

Set your Threshold Alerts

Threshold alerts allow you to specify an amount of water (gallons) or a maximum dollar amount that you don’t want your bill to exceed. If your usage or your bill is trending to, or has exceeded the threshold value, AquaHawk will send you a notification.

Learn ways to save

Get a better understanding of how you’re using water by performing useful comparisons online. See how you compare to similar households. Learn effective ways to reduce water usage and save money!

Customer Benefits

  • Know about leaks before they cause costly damage!
  • See exactly how much water your family is using each month
  • Set billing and usage thresholds, and never be surprised by a high bill again
  • Access your account from any internet- connected device - your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer
  • Opt-in services lets you choose how you want to be contacted - e-mail, text or phone.

Register Now!

To register, go to: