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CMCMD History

Copper Mountain Consolidated Metropolitan District

The founders of Copper Mountain had the foresight to recognize the potential environmental and public health issues associated with rapid development and lack of adequate water and sanitation facilities. To address these concerns, a Water and Sanitation District was established to provide centralized water and wastewater treatment systems to serve the growing community and resort operations. During the early years of development it became apparent that there were other emerging responsibilities that that should be administered by government-type entity including fire protection, Street Improvements, Television Relay and Translator, and Public Parks with Recreational Facilities among others.

The Metropolitan District was formed in 1975 as the quasi-governmental entity that would take on these responsibilities. The Water & Sanitation District and the Metropolitan District functioned as separate entities until 1996 when they were consolidated into a single Metropolitan District under the same administration and Board of Directors. Hence the cumbersome title of Copper Mountain Consolidated Metropolitan District.

Over the years the District has evolved with the growth of the community and the development of Copper Mountain Resort. Along the way Copper Creek Golf Course transferred to Resort ownership, the Tennis Courts were decommissioned, the Fire Department merged with the Lake Dillon Fire District under the current title of Summit Fire and Emergency Services (SFE), and the original telecom services have grown with the industry and the advent of the internet.

Today the District focuses the majority of its energy on Water and Sanitation and Television and Internet Services. Although the Fire Department is no longer affiliated with the District, we work very closely with SFE to support local emergency services. We also work closely with our local Copper Mountain partners to provide financial and administrative support for community projects that range from regular landscape maintenance to large-scale park improvements projects. And at the County level, we work with our local Resort and Resort Association partners to support Summit County in their annual road maintenance responsibilities for the publicly dedicated roads at Copper Mountain. Please visit our Water and Sanitation, TV and Internet, and Other Services pages under the Services tab of the website for more information.